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Welcome to Fastrack Shipping Company, Your Total Logistics Provider

Fastrack Shipping was established in November 1999, Head-quartered in London, GB. Branch was Situated first in Kentucky, with Our Freight Services all around Africa, Asia, America, Middle East and Partly Oceanian Countries. Commission, European Union Maritime Law and Cross Trades & World Cargo Alliance (WCA).

Fastrack is truly committed to maximizing productivity & efficiency by delivering uniquely designed Shipping & Logistics solutions to both corporate & individual clients You need transport? We here! Always there for you, fast and safely! The company is the first & only Freight Forwarding Company to obtain the Air Carrier License in handling chartered cargo flights worldwide & currently is the GSA for several airlines.

Over the years the Company has expanded its services from Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearing to Courier Services, Hauling, Project Cargo Movement, Ground Handling, Heavy duty Movement, Cross Boarder Transportation, Aviation Cargo Experts.

Fastrack Shipping Company Limited with long standing experience in its field of operations is ever ready to take over any job when called upon. The company has grown by providing high quality logistical services to meet the needs of operators and producers. It is in the forefront of quality development in the region, working to the world-class standards with a continual program of improvement.


Fastrack Shipping was established in November 1999, Head-quartered in London, GB. Branch was Situated first in Kentucky, with Our Freight Services all around Africa, Asia, America, Middle East and Partly Oceanian Countries. Fastrack has a presence in over 2000 Active Major routes by air & sea ports worldwide due to our participations expert in Shipping and Cargo Deliveries partnership with European Union shipping law, European Commission, European Union Maritime Law and Cross Trades & World Cargo Alliance (WCA).


To Partner with Clients & other Stakeholders to Deliver End to End Supply Chain Best Practice Solutions in a Timely Secure Manner at Competitive Rates.


To become the Premier Provider of Total Shipping, Logistics & Security Services in emerging markets while achieving excellence in service delivery